Now Booking October

2017 Birthday Parties!

Packages are as low as *$9.99pp! Pizza & soda included in every booked pacakge.

Drivers must be at least 54", anyone under 54" is considered a rider and must be accompanied by a paid licensed adult to ride on Go-Karts. **Those under 54"/toddlers must fit securely and safely in Go-Karts in order to ride. Whether your child is able to ride Go-Karts is based solely on a Manager's discretion. Some individuals may not be safe to go on Go-Karts. Pregnant women should not operate Go-Kart vehicles under any circumstances. While we strive to have all Go-Karts in the same prestige condition, some Go-Karts run faster than others. 

Individual Ticket Price: $7.75/driver / $2.50/rider

Go Karts