Book a birthday party in february or march and get an extra 14" cheese pizza with one free topping at time of party. PLUS one free topping on all pizzas included with 10ppl minimum.

Drivers must be at least 54", anyone under 54" is considered a rider and must be accompanied by a paid licensed adult to ride on Go-Karts. **Those under 54"/toddlers must fit securely and safely in Go-Karts in order to ride. Whether your child is able to ride Go-Karts is based solely on a Manager's discretion. Some individuals may not be safe to go on Go-Karts. Pregnant women should not operate Go-Kart vehicles under any circumstances. While we strive to have all Go-Karts in the same prestige condition, some Go-Karts run faster than others. 

Individual Ticket Price: $7.75/driver / $2.50/rider

Go Karts