Book a birthday party in february or march and get an extra 14" cheese pizza with one free topping at time of party. PLUS one free topping on all pizzas included with 10ppl minimum.

*Buy $20 on your Action Card, get $5 bonus game credits for FREE on the same card.

1. Bonus credits are strictly for arcade use only.

2. Readers accept bonus game credits first.

3. Yellow card readers do not accept bonus game credits.

*All game cards valid on arcade & individual attractions.

*Pusher games are the only games requiring tokens, all other games can now be played with our rechargeable Action Play card.

*Winning tickets are automatically dispensed on the Action Play card after each game played. Blue pusher games are the only exception and require you to swipe again after playing.

Action Territory is excited to announce our BRAND NEW Card System is now up & running. Come check it out! Questions?

Call us at 262-857-7000.